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Retro check coming on pay check dated August 28th!

Contract Implementation # 4

Updated 7/2/14 Metro North/Lirr Commuter Pass

Fellow officers and staff,
The free rail transportation we won in our new contract is on track to start this summer.
The target date for making EPIC passes work on the Staten Island Railway is Monday, July 7. All EPIC passes will work, regardless of whether the member lives in Staten Island.
Metro North and LIRR
Applications for special railroad passes have been mailed out to all members who have official addresses in areas outside the City served by Metro North or LIRR. Eligible members will get free rail travel by showing the Conductor this special pass. Our EPIC passes will not work on Metro North and LIRR.
To get a special pass for Metro North or LIRR, members should complete the application and return it to the Business Services Center. The sooner they send back the completed form, the sooner they get their pass.
A members who believes s/he is eligible for a railroad pass but does not receive the mailing by July 13 should contact the BSC to verify his or her address and get an application. Members can call 646-376-0123  or log into their account on the BSC portal.  
Tony Utano
Vice President for MOW

Contract Implementation # 3

Updated 6/21/14 Retro Payments

The MTA Business Service Center has mailed out a letter to all members at TA/OA who are eligible for retroactive pay. The letter explains the options for rolling over up to 80% of your retro into a 401(k) or 457 account. Accompanying the letter is a form to be returned to the BSC if you wish to roll money over. Download Form Here
If you have not received your letter by June 30, please contact the BSC.
Hours: 8:30am to 5pm, Mon.-Fri
Email: bscservice@mtabsc.org
Tel: 646-376 0123
Fax: 212-852-8700
Those who want to take advantage of the rollover option must have the form back to the BSC by Friday, July 11. It can be emailed in, faxed in, or handed in during business hours at the BSC's convenient Walk-In Center on the 6th floor of 180 Livingston St.
Retro payments will be rolled over or delivered to active members on August 27 for OA and August 28 for TA.

Contract Implementation # 2

Updated 6/6/14

The Contract Implementation Committee, led by Vice President Tony Utano and Secretary-Treasurer Earl Phillips, met with representatives of MTA Labor Relations and the BSC on Thursday, June 5. They report the following progress in putting our new contract terms into effect:

The wage increases will go into effect for the payroll period resulting in paychecks on July 2 for the OA and July 3 for the TA.

Retro payments will be delivered to active members on August 27 for OA and August 28 for TA.


Members will be able to opt to defer up to 80 percent of their retro into their 401k/457 account. Target dates for the process are as follows:

  • June 20: BSC mails Retro Election Forms to members 
  • July 11: deadline for members to return Retro Election Forms 

If you have direct deposit, the retro money not deferred will go into your account like any other pay.  Inactive members will receive their Retro Check approximately two payroll periods later.


SIRTOA: We expect a response from the MTA shortly on when the Staten Island Railway Pass will be made available. Save your receipts if you are paying for SIRTOA transportation!   


LIRR/MNRR: Members who live outside the City will receive, based on their residence on file with the Company, either a temporary Metro North Rail Road Pass or a temporary Long Island Rail Road Pass. These passes are on order. Permanent Passes will be issued by each Rail Road some time in the future.  A process will be set up to accommodate people who move out of the City to apply for the Pass. Save your receipts if you are paying for MNRR or LIRR transportation! 


Dental/Optical: Instituting the new Dental/Optical Benefits has a target date of September 1, although both sides recognize that a lot must be done to make this target date work. More information on this changeover will be communicated as it becomes available.


The new Maternity/Paternity benefit is effective as of May 21, 2014.  All members, even new hires who have no other leave balances, are eligible for this benefit. Remember, this new leave benefit comes before any other time off.  Company representatives confirmed that members will be fully paid, i.e., run pay, for the duration of this benefit.


Other benefits: the Retiree Spousal Bridge Benefit, the Line of Duty and Active Service Death Benefits are all effective as of May 21, although some payments may be slightly delayed due to insurance policies that have to be secured.


Contract Implementation # 1



TWU Local 100 officers and representatives of MTA-NYCT met (Wednesday, May 28, 2014) at Union Headquarters in Brooklyn in the first of a series of meetings to coordinate implementation of the new TA/OA collective bargaining agreement.


Local 100-MOW Vice President Tony Utano is chairing the union side of the implementation committee, along with Secretary Treasurer Earl Phillips, Recording Secretary Latonya Crisp-Sauray, Counsel Denis Engel, among others.


In the short term, here is what we can report on contract implementation.


Wage Increase, Retroactivity, 401 (k) - Management representatives said that they hope to be able to implement the wage increase first, and then set a target date for retroactive pay thereafter. They are also readying the process to allow members to apply their retroactive pay to the member's 401(k)/457 at his/her direction. 


Metro North/LIRR Passes - Union officers informed management that Local 100 members eligible for the passes will be instructed to save all receipts for commutation costs on the LIRR or Metro North while the MTA comes up with its new Commutation Rail Pass.  MTA representatives reported that the Authority is contemplating a two-stage implementation involving a temporary pass that would require the user to present his/her EPIC pass along with the temporary card, until a permanent pass is developed.

The Union committee said that they expect management to fully reimburse members for their commutation costs from the date of ratification until the date of issuance of the temporary pass. 


Maternity, Paternity Leave Pay - The MTA conceded that anyone who has a child after the date of ratification, but before full implementation of the contract, and who has been using vacation or other leave for this purpose, will have that leave balance replenished for the two week benefit period.

Members should document use of leave for the purpose of maternity or paternity during this period to ensure full payment of the benefit. 


Line of Duty Death Benefit Increase

- The new benefit is in full force immediately $250,000. 


Active Duty Death Benefit Increase

- The new benefit is in full force immediately $25,000. 


Implementation of the new Dental and  Optical Benefits, the Retiree Spousal HealthBenefit, and new Safety and Cleanliness portions of the agreement will be discussed at length next week.


TWU Contract Optical/Dental Center




No, it's not deja vu. TWU Local 100 has entered into an agreement with GVS to create a new optical plan that will go into effect in TA/OA under Local 100's administration on September 1st. Details of the new plan can be seen here.

This plan gives us broader benefits and lower co-pays. A wider choice of frames (allowances raised from $80 to $275-375) at $0 co-pay. Scratch-Resistant and Ultra-Violet Coatings for $0 co-pay instead of $10 each. $0 extra for progressive lenses instead of $80. Basic contacts are free, and members will now receive a $150-200 allowance for upgrades.

This optical benefit improvement has been made possible by winning significantly higher funding from from the MTA in this round of contract negotiations.
This plan will also serve as the model for the membership in MTA Bus upon the upcoming settlement of their contract. 

Once our new contract is ratified, preparations will be underway for a September 1 launch of our new optical plan. 
 Click here for the details of the new TWU Local 100 GVS Optical Plan.



TWU Local 100 has entered into an agreement with Healthplex, the largest dental benefits provider in New York State, to create a new dental plan that will go into effect in TA/OA under Local 100's administration approximately 90 days following contract ratification. A detailed description of the plan can be seen click here.

This plan is lightyears ahead what we have had until now and greatly exceeds the level of benefits of other unions' Healthplex plans. This dental benefit improvement has been made possible by winning significantly higher funding from from the MTA in this round of contract negotiations.
The TWU Local 100 Healthplex Plan will offer two options: Managed Care and a PPO. There will be NO co-pays, NO maximums and NO deductibles under Managed Care. There will be NO co-pays for in-network treatment under the PPO, NO deductibles, and NO maximum for dependents under the age of 19. 

Under the managed care option, the TWU Local 100 Healthplex Plan will permit families to choose from among more than 2,400 dental locations.  The PPO, specially customized for Local 100, will offer a choice of over 5,500 dental locations. The PPO will also offer an extensive menu of out-of-network benefits.

There are incredible new improvements in our dental plan, including, for the first time ever, dental coverage extended to full-time college students up to the age of 23!

Local 100 is working on restructuring the dental portion of the High-Option Rider in light of these substantial improvements.

This plan will also serve as the model for the membership in MTA Bus upon the upcoming settlement of their contract. 

TWU Local 100 and Healthplex are now ironing out the final details to prepare the plan for launch approximately 90 days after ratification. 
Name one thing the TA gave you. TA did not give you anything. TWU fought for it all in contracts. It is time we ALL protect what we have and continue the fight to get better!! Standing by the wayside and complaining is a waste of time... Get involved!!!


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