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1. Healthplex Contact Info Click Here
Phone (844) 898 4759
Mon - Fri 8am - 6pm
2. Dependent Students Dental 19 - 23
3. Healthplex Manage care Directory
4. Healthplex PPO Directory

The deadline for choosing between the Managed Care and PPO options under the new TWU Local 100 Healthplex dental plan has been extended to Monday, November 17.

Members who have not chosen an option will be started out in the PPO on September 1 and will have until November 17 if they wish to change to Managed Care.

Members who have already chosen an option may change their choice anytime through November 17.

For further information on our new benefits, come to the Mass Membership Meeting on Saturday, September 13 at the Javits Center.

For documents on the TWU Local 100 Healthplex dental plan, click here.

5. Schedule of Fees
6. Enrollment Form
7. Discount Implant
8. Plan description
9. Hi Option Rider disenrollment request form
Buses By Hugh Christopher Henry

TWU Contract Optical/Dental Center




No, it's not deja vu. TWU Local 100 has entered into an agreement with GVS to create a new optical plan that will go into effect in TA/OA under Local 100's administration on September 1st. Details of the new plan can be seen here.

This plan gives us broader benefits and lower co-pays. A wider choice of frames (allowances raised from $80 to $275-375) at $0 co-pay. Scratch-Resistant and Ultra-Violet Coatings for $0 co-pay instead of $10 each. $0 extra for progressive lenses instead of $80. Basic contacts are free, and members will now receive a $150-200 allowance for upgrades.

This optical benefit improvement has been made possible by winning significantly higher funding from from the MTA in this round of contract negotiations.
This plan will also serve as the model for the membership in MTA Bus upon the upcoming settlement of their contract. 

Once our new contract is ratified, preparations will be underway for a September 1 launch of our new optical plan. 
 Click here for the details of the new TWU Local 100 GVS Optical Plan.



TWU Local 100 has entered into an agreement with Healthplex, the largest dental benefits provider in New York State, to create a new dental plan that will go into effect in TA/OA under Local 100's administration approximately 90 days following contract ratification. A detailed description of the plan can be seen click here.

This plan is lightyears ahead what we have had until now and greatly exceeds the level of benefits of other unions' Healthplex plans. This dental benefit improvement has been made possible by winning significantly higher funding from from the MTA in this round of contract negotiations.
The TWU Local 100 Healthplex Plan will offer two options: Managed Care and a PPO. There will be NO co-pays, NO maximums and NO deductibles under Managed Care. There will be NO co-pays for in-network treatment under the PPO, NO deductibles, and NO maximum for dependents under the age of 19. 

Under the managed care option, the TWU Local 100 Healthplex Plan will permit families to choose from among more than 2,400 dental locations.  The PPO, specially customized for Local 100, will offer a choice of over 5,500 dental locations. The PPO will also offer an extensive menu of out-of-network benefits.

There are incredible new improvements in our dental plan, including, for the first time ever, dental coverage extended to full-time college students up to the age of 23!

Local 100 is working on restructuring the dental portion of the High-Option Rider in light of these substantial improvements.

This plan will also serve as the model for the membership in MTA Bus upon the upcoming settlement of their contract. 

TWU Local 100 and Healthplex are now ironing out the final details to prepare the plan for launch approximately 90 days after ratification. 
Name one thing the TA gave you. TA did not give you anything. TWU fought for it all in contracts. It is time we ALL protect what we have and continue the fight to get better!! Standing by the wayside and complaining is a waste of time... Get involved!!!


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Mail: 333 W. 34th St, 9th Fl. N Y, NY 10001

Walk-In Center: 180 Livingston St, Bkyn, NY

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To right side of BSC home page..

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The uniform company is Affinity Apparel (800) 742 0761
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 (800) 742 0761 M - F 8a - 10p  Sat 9a - 3p.

User ID: NYCT+Pass Number (i.e.) nyct370034
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There is always room at the back of the bus?
Michael J. Quill: "Dues payment is not enough. You must attend meetings, prepare yourself for leadership... you must invest part of yourself."

"Stand Back" New York!

Loafers Union
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Get rid of your debts one at a time using the debt snowball.

It's called the debt snowball because of how it works. When you were a kid rolling a snowball in the backyard, the best way to do it was to pack some snow into a tight ball, then start rolling it through the yard. Your snowball would become a snow boulder much quicker than it would if you just built it up by hand. Remember that comparison.

Before you start the snowball, make sure you are current on all your bills and have your $1,000 starter emergency fund saved up.

In the debt snowball, you list your debts smallest to largest by amount owed. Don't worry about interest rates. We don't care if one debt has a 2% rate and another one has a 22% rate. If math had been done properly, you wouldn't have gone into credit card debt in the first place. List the debts smallest to largest.
Now it's time to make progress. Pay minimum payments on all of the debts except the smallest one, and attack that with a vengeance. We're talking gazelle intense, sell out, get-this-thing-out-of-my-life-forever energy. Once it's gone, take the money you were putting toward that debt, plus any extra money you find, and attack the next debt on the list. Once it's gone, take that combined payment and go to the next debt. Knock them out one by one.

Here's an example. Let's say you have the following debts:
$500 medical bill (payment of $50 a month)
$2,500 credit card debt ($63 payment)
$7,000 car loan ($135 payment)
$10,000 student loan ($96 payment)

You will need an additional $500 a month in this example.

$500 @ $50 + $500 additional. 1 Month paid off. Free up $550 for Credit Card below.

CREDIT CARD: $2,500 @ $63 + $550 = $613. 4 month pd off. Free up $613 for car loan below.

CAR LOAN: $7,000 @ $135 + $613 = $748. 10 month pd off. Free up $748 for student loan below.

STUDENT LOAN: $10,000 @ $96 + $748 = $844. 12 month pd off.
Paid off $20,000 in 27 months (Example below)

In the debt snowball, we would list the debts in that order (remember, ignore the interest rates). Start by making the minimum payments on everything but the medical bill.
For this example, let's say you find an extra $500 each month to go toward that debt by getting an extra job, slashing your lifestyle to nothing and going crazy. That's very doable.
Since you are paying $550 a month on the medical bill (the $50 payment plus the $500 extra), that medical bill won't even last a month.
Now, take that $550 and attack the credit card debt. When that happens, you'll be paying $613 on the plastic (the freed up $550 plus the $63 minimum card payment). In about four months, wave bye-bye to the credit card. You've paid it off!
Now we're at the car debt. Punch that car note in the face to the tune of $748 a month (the freed up $613 plus the $135 monthly payment). In 10 months, it will drive off into the sunset.
Now you're on fire!
Once you've gotten to the student loan, you will be putting $844 a month on it. It will only last about 12 months.
After that, Sallie Mae better get used to living somewhere else because you've kicked her out! Because of hard work and sacrifice, you have paid off $20,000 in debt in only 27 months using the debt snowball! Congratulations!

The point of the debt snowball is behavior modification. In our example, if you start paying on the student loan first because it's the largest debt, you won't see it leave for a while. You'll see numbers going down on a page, but that's it. Pretty soon, you'll lose steam and stop paying extra, but you'll still have all your debts hanging around.
But when you ditch the small debt first, you see progress. That one debt is out of your life forever. Soon the second debt will follow, and then the next. When you see that the plan is working, you'll stick to it. By sticking to it, you'll eventually succeed in becoming debt-free!
The only time you might make an exception to the debt order is if one of the debts is the IRS. You do not want them in your life, so it would make sense to move a tax bill up in priority. Once it's gone, proceed with the debt snowball like normal.
By the time you are paying on the bigger debts, you have so much more cash freed up from paying off the earlier debts that it creates a "debt snowball" effect. You are putting hundreds of dollars a month on your bills instead of a few bucks here and there. It is a huge momentum switch in your direction that changes your behavior and helps you to get out of debt and stay that way.
Got it? It's really simple.
Are you owed money?
Here's where you can find out.
  1. State-held unclaimed property: Visit NAUPA's unclaimed.org for a map with links to each state's program.
  2. Life insurance: For benefits not held by the state, check the insurer's site directly. For example, MetLife has an online search.
  3. Pensions: For Pension Benefit Guaranty Corp. benefits, visit the agency's online search directory.
  4. U.S. savings bonds: More than 45 million matured savings bonds, worth nearly $16 billion, remain unredeemed, according to the U.S. Department of the Treasury. To search the database, visit treasuryhunt.gov.
  5. Tax refunds: In 2011, the Internal Revenue Service said it had $153.3 million in tax refund checks that were undeliverable. To make sure you've received your checks, visit the IRS's Where's my refund? tool.
  6. Overbid proceeds: If a foreclosed home or tax lien for delinquent taxes is sold at auction for a price above the money owed, the former property owner is owed the so-called "overbid proceeds," which are typically held at the country level. But, counties typically send notifications about the funds to the foreclosed address, so many people remain unaware of the extra cash, according to Mary Pitman, author of "The Little Book of Missing Money." These funds are different than other unclaimed funds in that the property owner's claim in some counties only last a few years. Contact the county clerk to find out which local agency holds the funds. Or try New York State @ NYS Unclaimed Funds.

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