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Snow Emergencies

Posted by sendmail156 on January 25, 2015 at 3:00 PM

The US Weather Service is forecasting blizzard conditions for New York.


Many of us will be on duty to safeguard the system or keep it running.


If you are going to be on duty, WORK SAFELY. Take account of the snow, the wind, the wind-chill and the lack of visibility. Do not take risks.


The contract states that workers "reporting late because of an unusual interruption in service on the NYC Transit System shall suffer no loss of pay for time lost on that account..." If you make it into work, even if you are late, you should be paid for the whole day. If you aren't, let a union rep know. We recommend, if you cannot make it to your normal reporting location but can make it to another TA facility or terminal, do so. Be sure to swipe with your pass and sign on with a supervisor (if possible).


If you cannot make it in at all, call in to your reporting center and let them know. If they say you'll be AWOL, don't get into an argument. Just take their name and let a union rep know.


If you are ill, call sick like you regularly would. The TA/OA cannot require you to get doctor's lines just because they've declared a snow emergency. If you book sick for one or two days, and you are NOT on the Sick Leave Control List, you do not have to provide doctor's lines. If you ARE on the Sick Leave Control List, get doctor's lines. And, as usual, everyone must submit their sick forms (with or without doctor's lines) within three days of returning to work.

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