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Sick Usage

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Don’t get written up for sick time!

CALL IN a minimum of one (1) hour before your report time to REPORT SICK. Upon your return to work SUBMIT YOUR TA SICK FORM.


ANYTIME you go sick (it does not matter how long), you must complete & submit a TA sick form within 72 hrs of retuning to work. RDO included. (Example: If you go“sick off run” for 5 minutes, you must submit a TA sick form.) Otherwise you will be disciplined and docked pay.


Additionally, you must submit doctors lines on a TA Sick Form if:

1. You are off sick for more than two (2) days (Employees in the 70%, more than three (3) days.)

2. You are on the sick control list.

3. You go sick before or after a holiday and you are given the holiday off. (including your birthday).


• Make sure that your Dr. lines are completed correctly. The dates and illness that you called in for must be the dates and illness that the doctor certifies.

• If you do not understand something on your Dr. lines, ask the doctor to clarify it for you.

• Do not make any changes to your doctor’s lines, however innocent. You can be disciplined for it. Only your doctor can make changes.


If you are in the 30%, you must call the crew dispatcher to let them know whenever you change locations.


If you are in the 70%, the 30% rules do not apply.


• On your RDO or if you are out “sick no work available” / HOTA / Medical Hold Out.

• More than two hours before your report time or more than two hours after your clear time or between 11pm & 7am.


• As with any paper work, make sure you receive a copy of your sick form after the General or Crew Dispatcher signs it.

If you get held out by MAC, SEE YOUR DEPOT CHAIR.

How do you get on sick control?

If you have six (6) undocumented instances (no doctor's lines) in a running twelve (12) months period, you wili be placed on sick control.

If you have less than 50% of your work life sick balance and you have a recent pattern of four (4) (one (1) or (2) day instances, you will be placed on sick control.

Sick Leave Control Program

The Sick Leave Program is a way of controlling sick leave abuse and rewarding non-abusers.

1.An employee having five (5) unsubstantiated instances of sick leave absences in any running one year period will be counseled by his/her supervisor, at which time he/she will be advised and instructed to improve his/her sick record. The employee shall be paid for the time he/she is counseled and may have a union representative present if he/she request one.

*substantiated is when you have doctors certification

*unsubstantiated is when you do not have doctors certification.

2.Upon the sixth (6) unsubstantiated instance of sick leave absence in any running one year period he/she will be placed on the Sick Leave Control List and be so notified with a copy to his/her union representative. The employee shall be required to acknowledge in writing receipt of the notification that he/she is on the Sick Leave Control List.

3.An employee having a recent pattern of one or two day absences, with less than one half (1/2) of his/her possible sick balance in the bank, will be counseled by his/her supervisor and or personnel at 130 Livingston. The employee will be advised and instructed to improve his/her sick record. Should such pattern absences continue the employee will be placed on the Sick Leave Control List

*if you have a serious health condition, take care of a spouse, son, daughter,a parent who has a serious medical condition, about to give birth or placement for adoption/foster care you should apply for FMLA for your job safety.

4.An employee who is placed on the Sick Leave Control List must provide medical documentation for all sick leave absences including unpaid absences, regardless of duration. Failure to do so will be cause for loss of pay, if the employee would be normally entitled to, same and may be cause for disciplinary action. Employees hired on or after April 29, 1988 who at any time are in the Sick Leave Control List will not be granted sick leave pay for the first (1st) day of any sick leave instances while on such a list.

*each department might vary

5.Each Department must furnish daily to Absentee Control a list of all employees who are on the Sick Leave Control List and have reported sick.

6.The record of each employee on the Sick Leave Control List will be reviewed every six (6) months starting with the date the employee is placed on the Sick Leave Control List. If on the six (6) month review, the employee has two (2) or less sick leave instances during the previous six (6) month or four (4) or less sick leave instances during the previous twelve (12) months, his/her name will be removed.

7.In the event the employee was absent more than two (2) times during the six (6) month period or more than four (4) times during a twelve (12) month period he/she will remain on the Sick Leave Control List and may be subject to appropriate disciplinary action.

8.A notice will be sent to all employees who have been removed from the Sick Leave Control List, with a copy to his/her Union Representative.

*at the end of a calendar year if no days are taken employees will have the ability to cash out a specified amount of days

Additional Sick Pay

In addition to the sick leave required by Section 16-a of the Rapid Transit Law, the following additional sick leave shall be provided to each employee at sixty percent (60%) of what the employee would have been paid if he/she had worked in accordance with his/her regular schedule, subject to the terms and conditions hereinafter set forth:

Additional Days Per Sick Leave Year*

Employees with less than 4 years of service at the beginning of the sick leave year ...........................0

Employees with service from 4 years up to but not including 8 years at the beginning of the sick leave year:....................................15

Employees with service from 8 years up to but not including 14 years at the beginning of the sick leave year:....................................30

Employees with service from 14 years up to but not including 20 years at the beginning of the sick leave year:....................................60

Employees with 20 years or more of service at the beginning of the sick leave year .......................................90

*Unless otherwise indicated, a "year" is defined as the period between May 1 and April 30.

R. The additional sick leave days required under subsection (Q) shall not be accumulative from year to year but shall be available to the covered employees in each year. The additional days shall not be available to an employee unless he/she is absent for illness for nine (9) or more consecutive working days, in which event the employee shall receive pay to the extent provided in subsection (Q) above from the first day for which the Transit Authority is not required to pay him/her under Section 16-a of the Rapid Transit Law.

S. To be eligible to receive the additional days of sick leave on a sixty per cent (60%) payment basis provided by subsection (Q) above, during any sick leave year the employee must be eligible for an allowance of twelve (12) days of sick leave pay in said sick leave year under this Section.

T. An employee who has exhausted all his/her sick leave allowances at full pay, may elect subject to the approval of the head of his/her department to use any current vacation or accrued AVA days to which he/she may be entitled, in their entirety, before making application for sick leave at the sixty percent (60%) payment basis. If such absence is expected to continue beyond the end of the vacation year, the employee's leave of absence with pay for illness shall be interrupted for a sufficient number of days so that he/she may be paid for any remaining current vacation before the expiration of the vacation year. The employee must provide adequate medical evidence to show that the entire period of absence including vacation and AVA days used under this subsection was the result of one continuous absence.



Call in at least 1-2 hours before your tour of duty according to your respective department rules.

• Keep the nature of your illness generic e.g . stomach,  flu symptoms, diarrhea, etc. Avoid self-diagnosis. You are not a doctor. If you call in dizziness, chest pain, back injury, or injury to limbs you may be required to visit a MAC for tness to return to duty.

• If you are unable to call in within 1-2 hours, give the sick desk a specific reason why your call is late.

• A doctor’s certification is required for 2 or more sick days (30% category) or 3 or more sick days (70% category).

• If you change sick location (30% category) call the sick desk when you leave and when you return.

• Document all calls to the sick desk.

• Act civil if an investigator calls or shows up at your sick location. Don’t risk a disciplinary action by becoming over-emotional about it . Ask to see I.D. (70% category not subject to home visits).

• Call in and clear before returning to work if your department requires you to do so.

• 3 or more sick instances before or a er an RDO or on a speci c day may be deemed a pattern of abuse, (with less than half of your possible sick leave balance in the bank, you will be counseled by TA Supervision contract section 2.6U)

• 6 unsubstantiated instances may place you on the sick control list in a rolling 12-month period. Sick forms (Simple oversight may be interpret- ed as fraud)

• TA sick forms must be submitted to supervision within 3 days whether you visited a doctor or not. Failure to do so may result in discipline and loss of pay.

• If there is any discrepancy with the dates of ill- ness or the doctor’s certi cation or any mistake on the form regardless, do not submit, or attempt to correct with WHITE OUT or OVER WRITE it. Fill out a new form and have your doctor sign it again if you need doctor’s certi cation. is is very important. Simple oversight may be inter- preted as fraud! • Doctor’s signature and tax ID is required.

• Do not bring back forms signed by the recep- tionist or nurse. • Only the doctor or a certi ed assistant autho- rized to do so can sign the forms.

• Use your bene ts card to pay for your visit and get a receipt for your co-pay. is will help to ver- ify your visit if there is an investigation.

• The dates on your sick form should be compat- ible with your Doctor’s appointment. If there is a discrepancy ll out a new application and have the doctor sign again. Do not make corrections. (White-out or over write).

• The TA must give you 30 days to correct sick docu- mentation starting from when you are noti ed.

• If your illness is serious enough to keep you out for more than 2 or 3 days see your doctor right away.

• If there is a sick application investigation you may be required to sign a medical information release form to assist the investigation. Your signed authorization should only include dates related to the specific instance.

Chronic lness

• If you have a veri able chronic illness you may qualify for FMLA. Obtain the application forms from your supervisor and put in a timely appli- cation. Some examples of chronic illnesses are cancer, Crohn’s Disease, asthma, etc. Your doctor can verify this.

• If your illness is not chronic but may last more than 3 days, e.g. a broken hand from a non-job related injury, this may be FMLA qualifying. Only a doctor can certify FMLA applications. You are entitled to 12 weeks of FMLA per year if you have completed one year of service and 1250 hours.

•  The TA must give YOU 21 days to submit proof of a verifiable chronic condition. Long Term Illness

•If you are out long term the authority requires periodic resubmission of doctor’s lines or may even require you to visit the MAC if you are physically able to do so. Failure to submit timely documentation may be deemed AWOL.

• If you are absent from work for 21 days or more and you are returning to duty you may be required to submit to a complete physical de- pending on your illness, to determine your fitness to perform your essential job functions.

• Safety sensitive employees must submit to mandatory return to duty drug and alcohol testing.

These tips are merely guidelines and you should check and verify with your Union Representative the relevant Collective Bargaining rules and TA rule book interpretations.

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