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Posted by sendmail156 on October 30, 2013 at 6:05 AM

Please remember to report ALL accidents/incidents or alledged accidents/incidents to console before leaving the scene. When calling console about an accident/incident, be professional at all times and only provide the following information:

1. I was involved with an accident

2. Your Name

3. Your Pass

4. Your Route/Run

5. Your Location

6. If there are any injuries and if you need assistance e.g. police/ambulance.

If console ask you for more information concerning the nature of the accident, let them know you will provide that information to the dispatcher when they arrive at the seen because you are still shaken from the accident/incident. If console continues to insist, ask to speak to a union rep.

Please remember that all console conversations are recorded and may be used against you at a later date. Also, the bus video recordings may be used against you, so think before you say or write anything.

Leaving the scene of an accident/incident, is considered a serious violation by the TA and could lead to termination and/or the loss of your license for (1) year by DMV. DO NOT RISK IT.

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